Thursday, 3 March 2016

The Mind of A Chav

Chav's are a simple yet complex vermin. They have the ability to delude themselves into thinking that they are something special.
 Now we all know that they are special but in the way that you give them a empty crisp packet and hope they suffocate themselves.
 How do chav's believe that because they can mouth off 30 plus ft away that they are hard?
maybe the chav has zoom vision?
more likely is the simple answer, they have to compensate for lacking in intelligence and having a really tiny dick if they even have one at all.
The only way a chav will ever say anything to your face is when there is a group of them. Now that to me screams half wit.
 They have an ego that far outweighs their ability and usefulness.
 many people blame drugs for this but lets face it, chav's wouldn't know their arse from their elbow. so the likely hood of them being sold kitchen spices being told that its drugs are not exactly a giant leap.
it's not like they have a brain.
 apart from showing off their vast skills at long distance laughable threats they also have the ability to gather in groups. why? they have the deluded idea that their lack in intelligence is some who joined together when they amass in a group. and how else will they be able to overpower a granny and steal her pension?
 They need the safety of a group just like sheep.

to conclude, chav's are thick as shit, chav's are scum.
 just because you wear trackie's doesn't make you a chav. being a total cock munching twat, that makes you a chav.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

the worst possible thing happened

As you may be able to tell i am not a fan of " the chav"

 some people say chav hating is the new racism and if you know anything about chav's they come from every back ground.
 rich and poor. up north to down south. the chav is a mentality, a way of life for some people.

 the chav turns something thats nice and just in to a cesspit of shit and squaller
whole towns and cities turned in to the devils arse hole when the chav is in great numbers.

 I am fortunately not a chav, I decided to go out into the world and see things. be in different countries and do different things. maybe even learn something new!

 my family on the other hand ( the side i havent seen in 20 years ) total chav fest.
i am stuck in the middle of a chav den. filled with strange goings on and ritual squealing's that the ever growing chav does.

 i really dont under stand how this could have happened? 5 sisters and 4 of them are chavs the other one fortunately has a brain so am lucky there.

the thing i hate the most is my own family. only fitting i suppose but how. HOW!!!

well on a plus side now i know and now i can avoid them for another 20 years safe in the knowledge they wouldn't understand what i'm talking about anyway.
 as has been proven on many occassions.

here is a classic line that needs to be put out there my sister the 16 year old genius, ha ha!

so Gandhi and Jesus wern't friends?   

she honestly thought they were about at the same time.
 one is from the bible, for all intensive purposes a fairy tale

 the other from a not so distant past and real.

then again this is also the same person who thinks orange fake tan is the dogs bollocks.

and hair extensions that give you bald spots are cool and have to be warn all the time.

fuck my life. just dig a grave and shoot them all. it wouldnt be so bad if they were poor and didnt have access to books, the internet, school but there rich.
  not swimming in pools filled with money rich but rich enough to be able to afford a school that will teach them.

 2 sisters are classed as illiterate. the can't really read or write, both can't do maths ok they can do maths but they can't get the right answers.
 2 can read and write i'm not sure on their maths but i will presume they can.

and me the black sheep of the family able to do many tasks including not trashing any place i go.

god is a fucker as well as what crazy people use to hide the fact they chat to them selves.

Friday, 11 January 2013


So 3 mobile seemed so easy, get a contract and use it and pay for it. simple.
 I've been with them on contract for 2 years and pay as you go for too many to count. I have never had a problem with pay as you go, though i was a little bit pissed when they decided to half the time of my extras with out notification or me agreeing to.
Any way the problem started when i was due an upgrade, i looked for the deals as i wanted to get 2 phones, one for me one for my other half, simple enough.
 Tesco are doing a deal that was what i wanted, so i called up 3 to give my 30 days notice to end my contract.
after being passed around from customer care( now there's a joke in it's self) to cancellations.
I was bombarded with questions and how i am such a great customer for what ever the fucvk the dude said,
he offered a deal which was ok. but for more money. i also added that i wanted a second contract under my name.
 his eyes must have lit up, he quickly tryed to push me in to taking the same contract as he was offering but for more!
 cheeky bugger!
 After turning down his offer he then went off saying that if i took a sim only deal and waiting 90 days i could upgrade the sim only to contract and get the phone i wanted.
  after saying no to that as why would i want to do that he quickly pushed a call for some other useless and deaf
person who tried to offer me the same thing and said it was a deal and for me as i was a valued customer he would also throw in his liver and 9 children and his wifes soul for kicks.
  still not happy with this weird offer i left it at that.

 The next day after i had a think about what i wanted i thought to my self that staying would be easier and it was only an extra 50p i would be paying for my contract and the other half could get one some where else.
 so i called up and went through the long process of waiting for them to answer and then all the dumb questions for data protection. got all the way to saying i wanted that deal.


 it wasn't there any more.
 then i was left with the half wit who wanted to give me a shit phone for a tenner a month more.
not wanting to stay i said i wanted to just cancel the line and go else where as they had what i wanted so i was passed through to yet another dept and went through the same bull shit questions as if in that time some one had take my phone and made off with it.

 like magic the offer that wasn't there was not being offered.
as this magical deal had just been stopped, after going through the process of saying i didn't want the 2nd line as the offer was crap he hastily put my order through.

 I explainned to him that i would be away from my house as i have cancer and needed to go to treatment.
and would i be able to get it delivered to store.

 This caused more problems as in his words exactly the store is unsafe.
So a mobile phone shop stocked with phones and cameras is unsafe.
yes he replied.
 ok so i said can you put this through and i go to the store and get the hand set there as it's a phone shop full of phones that way it's done in front of me.
 NO again, this is a dept deal the store can't do that.
getting annoyed at this point I said fine where is the DPD wherehouse in my area and i will get it from there as if i'm not in 3 times i have to pay.
 he could not answer and made it very difficult to get any answer untill i agreed.

a little pushed into it i agreed, he did his thing and still hadn't told me anything. and to top matters off he then after we went through all that and him putting it through, the shit of a guy then said you will be charged for delivery.


3 went through all that to then add a charge that wasn't mentioned any time through the bull shit they were trying to sell.

 i told that little shit to cancel the order, which he then tried to argue it was standard practice.
standard practice to add shit on once the customer agreed.

I had a call from a manager, 30 mins later trying to get me to take there piece of shit deal,
no fucking way.

 he then decided to offer to reduce my contract as a sign of good faith which i agreed and i also asked that i could still cancel my contract with out problems.
 he assured me that was the case.

today is the last 30 days of my contract so i called at 11am to cancel it, after going through all the usual bollocks i got through, i said really clearly I AM GIVING 30 DAYS NOTICE OF TERMINATING MY CONTRACT.
 the guy on the other end tried to peddle his horse shit, which i was having none.
then he goes off about an upgrade i did and that it was going to cost me more money to cancel.
at this point again not pleased that 3 has taken it apon it's self to mislead me i said again i didn't care cancel the contract.
 he then was blabbing on about them doing an investigation in to it that would take 5 days.
 again i repeated i don't care cancel the contract.

after going through is many times, 8 to be exact my contract still hasn't been cancelled.
 and yet again i am waiting for a manager to give me a call back.
 needless to say the direct debit is cancelled and they can go fuck them selves.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

chav holiday destinations

With it being winter and all allot of us want to go away for a bit of sun, I went into the a certain well know holiday shop and was amazed to find all the totally rubbish holidays!
   I don't suppose you really want to go to black pool for a week, or even Stirling (Scotland)
the whole idea of benedorm makes me sick, Why would you want to go to where all the chavs go,
 the only good thing about that is in the summer you could drop a nuke and do the world a favour (it could be made a national holiday!, just a thought)
 Why don't places like Thomas cook do holidays to Mongolia, or a K2 climb holiday, Some thing that has meaning instead of going to a roach infested bed sit with that cheesy Elvis that's always on a stage whaling away and food that's gives you the runs like no other!

Friday, 3 August 2012

raciest chav red cross worker

Just a quick one out there to that CHAV out there working for the red cross.
  Now it's bad enough that your a chav but to top that off for every person who you get to part with there cash to help starving children somewhere ends up giving you, a Chav money, which is taking food out of the mouth of someone who deserves it and needs it.

 now for the red cross, I know you need people but really a raciest chav!
don't you have a screening program?
  Or are you out there just making money for your selves?



Sunday, 29 July 2012

comment people!!!

my blog is my blog,
 I have my opinion and make it well known.
i get alot of visitors and i mean ALOT, yet no one has anything to say?????
  either I cover everything in my blog or this one guy travels around the world just looking at my blog.
  share your hate, it feels good.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

why work when you can lay on your back? the english way

I have hated the masses for a long time, so long i think it's been forever.
 I hate city's as they are full of the mongol masses. I try to spend as much of my time away from the scum that i even choose my work place on how little i see people.
  I hate talking to people mainly because they are unable to speak english ( not  talking about the foreigners)
   I was always taught to make my own mind up, even though it has gotten me in to some bad places it has showed me who i am. how many people can say the same?
 I am not talking about what you eat for dinner I mean the big stuff like arranging to travel europe with friends then them backing out at the last minute. do you stay or go?
   Chavs as we all know are scum, leaving nothing but destruction and empty tesco value beer cans in there wake. 
 but who is to blame for the way they are? 
parents, maybe
area? nope other wise we could have just dropped a bomb and the problem would be sorted.
media? looking like a strong contender 
government? yep
 up until recently the government would give chav's money for popping out another mc donalds worker, so much so that that is what people did for a living.
  not only that they would give you 500 grant for baby things and the icing on the cake a house as well!
   Now the government has decided to only give money for the first one and any more is your problem. this is a good view but if they want kids they they should be able to support them or get rid of them. simple, harsh but true.
 as for giving them houses, thats just a joke,

I have to work my arse off just to stay in my flat so why should they give 16 year old mothers houses for laying on there backs and opening there legs!
 There are children out there who's dream is to get pregnant at 16 and get a council house. ( before you argue about this just don't, this is true and was told to me by a primary school teacher)
  now while I'm not a fan of that ponce in power aka the nazi or cameron
.he could try and do something that mattered like raising the legal age to 18 or making it illegal for any one under 21 to have kids or my favorite one,
if you decide to have kids support them your selves!
the shock, the horror. 

Yes i am the devil for saying what needs to be done but am i wrong?. NO

don't even get me started on the Tv brain washing people into mindless idiots.
keeping the masses quiet with another pointless game show to soap while the world goes down the pan.

 Simply put chav's are the byproduct of the world we live in and it's the people in power who have made them the way they are, mainly stupid and ignorant.
  they wanted to stop free thought and made the chav and no matter how many asbo's they give out it's not going to change.
   revolution for our evolution!